Analyst Job Descriptions

Unlike in the yester years, today, there are different types of analyst jobs available in the market. Like for example, if you are planning to work as a data analyst, then quickly have a look at the duties and responsibilities of data analysts. As the term itself suggests, data analysis implies collecting as well as […]

The Financial Analyst Job Description

Want to know what the financial analyst job description is? In this article, I will talk about the financial analyst job. Indeed, one the best CFA careers, if not the best, is none other than becoming a financial analyst at a top financial organization. A financial analyst job description includes making financial predictions and expected […]

Accounting Analyst Job Description

If you are looking for the job descriptions for an accounting analyst, below are some you can use. There are different kinds of accounting analyst job descriptions because accounting analysts work in different industries, departments and positions. #1. Accounting Analyst Job Description This accounting analyst job description is for work in Accounting Policies and Systems […]

Business Analyst Job Description

A business analyst makes detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of a company’s business strategies and suggests new strategies or solutions for improving the performance of the company. He has to be aware of various statistical models and apply them in formulating portfolio strategies. By performing in-depth analysis for portfolio management, a business analyst takes on […]